Sunday, August 28, 2011

Creative Costuming: Future World/Innoventions!

Ah, the last Epcot set!!!!

Roughs....yes they're done on a paper towel.

This set was a bit tricky...I had a couple ideas for the girl, basing her design around the Electric Umbrella (the centerpiece to Future World, I mean). One involved her holding an umbrella, another had a complex sleeve system that was heavily inspired by Erte's artwork. But that was too annoying to draw and if it were translated to a real costume, it probably wouldn't flow all that nicely. So I went with this peacock-inspired concept, with some Erte hints still in the headpiece.

As usual, the guy's design is snores-ville in comparison to the girl's. Le sigh. I gave him a visor so he could have *something* on his head instead of some dorky hat.

The colors were tricky to place. I went back and forth numerous times with the colors on both costumes so they would compliment each other.

Well, that does it for Epcot's costumes. I will probably take a loooong break from starting the designs for MGM (will discuss this one in a later post...) and Animal Kingdom costumes and instead will resume work on the float designs. I need to draw some architecture...sick of drawing people in boring poses, haha.

Costume Count: 16/32

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