Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Save everything.

My curiosity usually gets me in trouble most of the time. But today it proved to be a good thing! While I was in my basement, I felt a certain...force, drawing me to these filing-drawers. I opened one and went down the list of folders...

Hmm, now what's in here...?

My mom, much like me, is very sentimental. She keeps a LOT of things, but not like those Hoarders on TLC, thankfully. Turns out she saved just about every piece of paperwork from our Disney trips over the years! I also found photo-negatives from the trips as well but those aren't included here. 

Let's see what she saved!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just an update of sorts~

First off, Animation Courtyard dress is at 90% completion!

Close-up of the bodice. All the Mickeys are freehanded with a ballpoint pen, because you can't trace with vinyl pleather :(

I originally had craft-glued the cells on, but that was before I switched to Heat n Bond. I then proceeded to rip off the glued cells and reattach them with HnB. I'm nuts, what else is new...

After literally a day's worth of pattern-drafting for the underskirt, I set up the "sheets" and what sketches I wanted on each one.

A day and a half later, the tracings are done and the 'papers' are stitched in place on the dress.

After the skirt was sewn together with the zipper installed, I had to hand-sew the filmstrip border on. Again, an annoying thing about vinyl-pleather: hates sewing machines.

Fun Fact: Total number of Who Framed Roger Rabbit viewings while making this: 7.5

What's currently being worked on are the gloves. Hot-glue + gloves + pencils and paintbrushes = Voila!
Once the dress is fully done and out of the way, I'll proceed to the final part of the project, the small-scale float model.

Another thing I wanted to post in here were the VERY FIRST sketches of this whole entire project. Like, even before the whole concept popped into my head.
See, these were originally designs I wanted my friends to do if we were going to D23 Expo together. That plan fell thru in that respect (tho I DID get to attend for free!). But I held onto the designs just in case they could be useful later. Which they did!

Adventureland and a very faint idea of Frontierland. I tried to got for a pirate/tribal combo here.

Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, which didn't stray too far from the final concepts for the project!