Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Costuming: Frontierland!

I've been trying to push this set off for awhile, because I wasn't looking forward to it. At all.

Unlike the other lands, this one doesn't have much iconography to it. Splash Mountain is probably the most notable attraction in this area, but I didn't want to theme any costumes around one particular ride. The Fantasyland set is the only exception to this because I don't consider the carousel a big-ticket ride.

So when I usually think of this land, I immediately think of cowboys and parlour girls.

The parlour girl concept I dropped because I felt it wouldn't mesh as nicely with the cowboy. Fabric clashing, mainly, as most parlour girl outfits are satin-y and of course cowboys are donned in cottons.

I drew some inspiration from the Hoop Dee Doo costumes, admittedly, along with the Frontierland traveling hoedown.

This wraps it up for the Magic Kingdom sets!

Next up are the Epcot sets, which are my favorites!

Costume Count: 8/32

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creative Costuming: Adventureland!

Almost done with the MK sets!

**I may go back and fix up the guy's proportions. I'm aware they're a bit off.

Concept sketch

Admittedly, I never really spend much time in this Land. I only go on Jungle Cruise and PotC, but other than that, I usually pass this area very quickly, if at all.

These costumes were designed with the bridge and Adventureland sign in mind. I wanted to incorporate the two masks that are on the sign into the designs, but I didn't wanna just slap the masks on the two. So I used facepaint instead, so it's a little subtle. The masks are visible on the backs of the costumes. Mainly it would conceal the zipper on the girl's top.

These were tricky to do, though. I will be designing Animal Kingdom costumes down the line, so I didn't want these costumes to resemble something I design for that park. I also didn't wanna be lame and just do a plain ol' pirate and a tribal girl, like the concept sketch shows.

So obviously, the last pair for the MK set is Frontierland. Don't expect a whole lot from that one, folks....

Costume Count : 6/32

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creative Costuming: Tomorrowland!

Sorry for the lack of posts! Been busy, busy, busy....

Continuing with the MK sets, we got these two shiny things!

Much like the Fantasyland set, these costumes haven't changed much.

Tomorrowland is my favorite land in MK. The sights and sounds of the whole area are absolutely wonderful!

The hardest part of these costumes wasn't necessarily the designing process - it was picking the darn color schemes! Tomorrowland undergoes a complete transformation as the day goes on, starting out with cool metals and some primary colors here and there, and ending in a whole spectrum of colored lights. While I love how the area looks at night best, using those colors for a daytime parade seemed pointless (and nerve-wracking!) So I went the easier route.

Costume Count: 4/32