Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creative Costuming: Adventureland!

Almost done with the MK sets!

**I may go back and fix up the guy's proportions. I'm aware they're a bit off.

Concept sketch

Admittedly, I never really spend much time in this Land. I only go on Jungle Cruise and PotC, but other than that, I usually pass this area very quickly, if at all.

These costumes were designed with the bridge and Adventureland sign in mind. I wanted to incorporate the two masks that are on the sign into the designs, but I didn't wanna just slap the masks on the two. So I used facepaint instead, so it's a little subtle. The masks are visible on the backs of the costumes. Mainly it would conceal the zipper on the girl's top.

These were tricky to do, though. I will be designing Animal Kingdom costumes down the line, so I didn't want these costumes to resemble something I design for that park. I also didn't wanna be lame and just do a plain ol' pirate and a tribal girl, like the concept sketch shows.

So obviously, the last pair for the MK set is Frontierland. Don't expect a whole lot from that one, folks....

Costume Count : 6/32

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