Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Living Seas: Wig Construction

I had mentioned it here and there before, but I'll mention it for the new people. Some of my super-talented friends offered to help me with this project by making some of the designs on their own! The first one who jumped on board was my dear friend (and my 'Disney Sister'), Laura! She called dibs on The Living Seas, as well as The Land to make for her boyfriend. How adorable is that?!

A couple weeks back, I went into NYC to help Laura pick out fabrics for Seas. I offered to craft the wig for her, since I LOVE making crazy wigs.

This was the most complex wig I ever made in all my 10 years of cosplaying. But I am SO proud of the results and the time spent on it was oh so worth it! So were the many hotglue burns!

The wig started out as a rather long 3-tone wig I luckily found on eBay for $21 even! JACKPOT!