Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creative Costuming: Tomorrowland!

Sorry for the lack of posts! Been busy, busy, busy....

Continuing with the MK sets, we got these two shiny things!

Much like the Fantasyland set, these costumes haven't changed much.

Tomorrowland is my favorite land in MK. The sights and sounds of the whole area are absolutely wonderful!

The hardest part of these costumes wasn't necessarily the designing process - it was picking the darn color schemes! Tomorrowland undergoes a complete transformation as the day goes on, starting out with cool metals and some primary colors here and there, and ending in a whole spectrum of colored lights. While I love how the area looks at night best, using those colors for a daytime parade seemed pointless (and nerve-wracking!) So I went the easier route.

Costume Count: 4/32

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