Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Save everything.

My curiosity usually gets me in trouble most of the time. But today it proved to be a good thing! While I was in my basement, I felt a certain...force, drawing me to these filing-drawers. I opened one and went down the list of folders...

Hmm, now what's in here...?

My mom, much like me, is very sentimental. She keeps a LOT of things, but not like those Hoarders on TLC, thankfully. Turns out she saved just about every piece of paperwork from our Disney trips over the years! I also found photo-negatives from the trips as well but those aren't included here. 

Let's see what she saved!



My immediate reaction to opening this up? "You are SO going to get framed."

It's very silvery! '91


'I' is the '1998 Dinosaur Jubilee. You can see a video my dad took of it here
....Dragon Rocks?

I love how they have construction vehicles for Asia/Everest

Yeah, that was a fun tour...left many people freaking that an asteroid was gonna hit Orlando.

My feelings exactly, Zazu.

This map's cute!

Oh yeah, that's totally inviting.

Neato! Dad got some sort of deal with FedEx and so we had special VIP passes to various rides on our trip. '98

Our passes from '98

My placemat/menu from Prime Time Cafe. I was SO PUMPED for Fantasmic's dragon...and was so disappointed by it.

A little postercard we got. Might frame this some day!

That's terrifying.

I really, really like this montage.

Commemorative photo.

I'm not in this photo but Dad and Brooke are in the bottom left.

I have photos from this place...need to dig them out some time.

Le sigh. Someday I'll go on one of these...

Now we're in the 'Disney Hotels' folder. Here's a few brochures for some hotels.

My darling < 3

Totally not creepy.

Auugh, I miss you CB.

We didn't stay here but we did keep the map for some reason.

Well, that's all I got that I thought could be *somewhat* interesting!

I hope so :(

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