Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's the thingamabob

Three years ago today, I started my role at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in the Magic Kingdom, as part of the Disney College Program. It'll be three years since I've *been* to WDW, come June, but that's depressing to think about...HAPPY THOUGHTS INSTEAD!

So I thought, hey, I never posted a whole lot of the photos I took during my 4-month stay (or at least publicly I should say), so why not share em'?

I'll try to post things that you wouldn't see on a Flickr search, haha

Let's start with the fun stuff!

I really loved character hunting on my days off or after my shifts. I found out about the 5pm character-meets at the Animation Courtyard early-on in my internship. Once I was told that Megara (from Hercules) sometimes shows up, I tried to make it there as many times as possible to meet her. Alas, I never did. Later found out she popped up randomly for the Flower & Garden Festival while I was there...

I tried to be creative with my autographs. I never bought an autograph book while I was there. I instead had *select* characters sign a tote bag I got from Property Control, and specialty items for others. 

Easiest way to tick off the Evil Queen? Make her find a flat-surface to sign-on. Ain't I a stinkah?
Around this time, Toy Story 3 news was buzzing around. I asked my mom to ship my Woody doll (the one Burger King released forever ago) because I had an idea...Buzz was sad that I had lost his toy :(
And while it's kinda-related, here's the boys showing love to a familiar boid...They had a good laugh about 'em!
I had the UP cast sign a balloon that I had brought with me all the way from MK on their first day in the parks. The Character Attendants seemed to love my idea!
As did Dug, apparently.
I actually met C.J. Hsu, the editor on the film, while I was there and also had him sign the balloon. Talk about being at the right place, right time! He and -I assume?- his family were there, wearing 'Carlos' UP-crew only shirts.
I had my two favorite characters, Lilo & Stitch, sign Scrump (Lilo's doll). Of course, every time I showed Scrump to her, she would try to run off!

Them laughing at me. Photopass Photographer was quizzing me on the film. I proceeded to answer each question with a direct-quote from the film. Oh, Morgan, your nerd is showing!

At least they appreciated how much I love their film!

What happens when all the girls in your party take turns getting a photo with the 'cute' Norwegian waiter? Well...
"Ooh! I want a photo with him too!"

Hmm, shall we move on to more scenic shots now?
Hey kids, can you figure out where this is?

Crappy cellphone shot, but this was taken from the CM shuttle @ Typhoon Lagoon.

Panoramic view of World Showcase. Lighting was different in each shot. 

Apparently this and the following shot are 'famous' among the girls I worked with. One of them tried to recreate it!

I did not use zoom for this. This squirrel was my friend for a whole 2 minutes.

I swear, I'm not trying to send out some sort of environmental-message with this one..

Gosh, I love the lighting in Tomorrowland.
 And now for some kinda behind-the-scenes stuff.
MK, 7am.

Boy, do they look bored.

If you exit a certain way on HM, this is where you end up. This eventually leads you out to a lot, where you can see the buildings that house Haunted Mansion and it's a small world. They're pretty darn close to each other.

Front of the monorail! Can't do this anymore, from what I hear...That tragic accident happened a month after I returned home.

Can't see this anymore, either. Or get a co-pilot license.

An endless-sea of MK cast members. Why are they here?

Ah, to see the first rehearsal of MiSiCi!

This requires one of those wacky zoom-ins.
Okay, okay, I know some of you came to see photos from my role at the Boutique. Fiiiiiiine.

But first!
Ever wondered what 4-months worth of Tell-A-Casts looks like? Well...there ya go. I told you folks in my previous post- I'm sentimental!

First off, that ain't blood. Second, this was received for 'remaining in-character'.  Princess I was working on didn't believe us Fairy-Godmothers In-Trainings were at least 200 years old...Pssh..
I received another one of these for standing over a water-spill as a temporary "WET FLOOR" sign until somebody came to clean it up. Safe-D begins with me!

Wanna know how to make me well up with tears? This'll do it.

I was kinda desperate to have people go with me...
"I haven't cried this hard since Land Before Time!"- co-CM
I had done a rather crude drawing of this while I was working there; this is a fixed up version from a year ago. See, we blamed Stitch for many things that went wrong in the Boutique. I would occasionally throw my Stitch-voice to make it sound like he was drooling on girls' heads (hair gel= drool) or knocking on the castle-door.

We also blamed this chick. I had this pinned in the backroom for the longest time. Then one of my managers threw it out without telling me. She didn't like me very much.
Okay, you've stuck with this post long enough...

There be me.
The only shots I really have of me taken during my internship are from my sister, who took them on my last day. Some other FGITs would kinda cheat and have their own PhotoPass card that the photographers would scan as well.

Yeah, try maintaining bangs in Orlando weather.
The button says, "I'm Celebrating!...Graduating Fairy-Godmother School!" which was made for me by one of my co-FGITs.
My last day (which I totally forgot to clock-out for and had to literally RUN back thru the Utilidor to do), I put these hideous things on display. You can kinda see the pixie-dust on around the buckle.

Well, that's all I wanna share for now. Some things are being reserved for future use (I'm looking at you, stranger.)

But I just wanna say that this experience was truly once-in-a-lifetime. As you can tell from this blog, WDW is a HUGE part of my life and has helped define who I am today. I didn't mind being called "That chick who loves Disney" at school. I mean, really, what's so wrong with that?! Disney is a marvelous thing to have in your life in some way, shape, or form. I'm forever grateful that I got the chance to do this program, and that I was lucky enough to be asked to work in the BBB. It's still a conversation-starter three years later and every memory is so vivid and clear to me that I could talk about the whole thing for hours!

♫It's the time of your life♫
♫You don't want to miss out.♫
♫On right here and now♫
♫There's so many reasons why♫
♫You don't wanna stop♫
♫It's your chance, live it up♫
♫And everything you do♫
♫Celebrate you♫

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  1. This is such a great post! I loved every pic and funny comment!!

    And that parade song makes me so happy inside... thanks for sharing the exact lyrics. Now me and my 7 yr old daughter don't have to substitute "mmumm naa na naaa naaaa" for the parts we couldn't remember! Cause we love to sing it. :)

    I'ma new fan! *o*