Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creative Costuming: Imagination!

Put on those sunglasses, kiddies. Because these costumes are BRIGHT. On purpose, of course!

The bland, uninteresting concept sketches...

The idea behind these costumes was the thought of Imagination Institute scientists receiving "one little spark" and letting their creativity and imagination shine out! It's hard to illustrate it, but on the guy's pants and the girl's skirt, a 'brainstorm' is occurring. The clouds would be 3dimensional (think like cotton balls) and colored lights would be underneath them, doing some LED stuff. Reflective fabric would be used for the lightning bolts, and the yellow under the labcoats and collars is supposed to be fringed fabric (think static-electricity effect). The lightbulb ornaments on their heads would have that weird static-electricity ball in them (like the orb Mickey uses in Spectromagic).

The color palette was easy to figure out (took everything from the sign out front the pavilion). I assumed that most people associate the color purple with Imagination! because of Figment and Dreamfinder [okay, his suit is blue, but there's some purple to it!]. Least that's what I went with immediately!

I didn't place it into the designs, but I'd want to have the Imagination Institute logo on the backs of the jackets.
Costume Count: 12/32

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