Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ye Olde Photo Dump

So this is just one huge photo-post that has nothing to do with my project. If anything, it's proof for how long WDW has been a part of my life!

Caribbean Beach room '91. No Nemo here, yet. Notice the 20th Anniversary bags on the table.

Castle, '91

Chef Mickey's in its original location at Disney Village (now The Marketplace). Fun Fact: I severely burned my hand on a light right outside this restaurant. This is clearly me getting revenge.
Chef Mickey's, post hand-burning. '91

A very dated Donald. '91

Mickey's dressing room. I wanna say this is in Toontown, but I can't be certain. Love the photos on the wall, tho!

Not from a park but from my very own local mall! I have no memory of this event whatsoever, but it must've been promotions for The Lion King. '95

I'm just thankful this Disney Store is still here!

I thiiiink this is a Disney Store? Dad's attire makes me wanna say we're at the parks.
I still own the Lady and Bambi plushes.

Oh, no wonder I love filmstrip decor...


I believe this was in Toontown. '91

Again, probably ToonTown. '91


In MGM, the main crew had their own Hollywood-themed duds. Here's Mickey's...

And Pluto's. '91

Guess this must've been Christmas Chalet at Disney Village. The architecture in the back seems to fit that match, too. '91

Dinosaur/Countdown to Extinction fountain, pre-Aladar statue. '98

I really can't recall if this little exhibit is still around. I don't remember seeing it when I was there in '09.


Parade, '98

Yes, they still use this float...'98

France Pavilion. Don't think they do this anymore...You could paint and feel like a fancy French arteest! I'm the dork in the cap. '98

Hire me, Disney!

Park tickets.

Goofy at The Wonders of Life. '97

And that's Item #237 from my childhood that's gone. That and the milkshakes. Moment of silence for the milkshakes.... '97

If I could marry a ride, it'd be this one. Too bad I didn't fall in love with it until 2009. '97

These cycles were fun as hell! '97

Here's the painting garden again! Brooke seems to be painting it's a small world...? '97

Excuse me, no photos while I'm working. '97

Don't know what I did to earn this but okay!

Hercules parade! '97

Hermes controlled the Pegasus puppet which I still think is pretty cool. babe.

Hydra! I think if they ever do a Broadway show of this movie, this is how they should do the Hydra.

These are a few autographs I got on my first trip in '91. I love Goofy's - wonder why they changed it to what it is today. The Roger Rabbit one, I really would love some evidence of me meeting him to prove that is indeed his signature and not something one of my parents wrote down. But why would they? My love for Roger wasn't cemented until years later anyhow!I figure the star is there for Raoul. 'I can give you stars, look! Look! LOOOOOOK! *clang clang clang*"

Well, that's all I got! I really wish I had more photos that showed certain details of the parks that are no longer around today. I do have lots of home-movies that have yet to be converted to dvd, including footage from our first trip in '91. I'll be sure to post my findings from those!

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