Friday, October 14, 2011

Creative Costuming: Pixar Place!

I really hate to admit creative defeat. But I'm afraid I've hit a rather large wall, and I cannot get around it.

That wall's name is MGM Studios/Disney's Hollywood Studios.

See, this park, with it's classic Hollywood charm, doesn't really have much to offer in terms of costume inspiration. They have the Citizens of Hollywood already populating the streets, and I really can't bring myself to design new characters like that. The only areas of the park that I was able to come up with sets for were Pixar Place [scroll down if you don't wanna read my creative woes] and the Animation Courtyard.

I thought about doing a set based on Tower of Terror (grayscale costumes), but again, what's so exciting about that? Nothing much. It also clashes with my goal to not design costumes based on any one particular ride. The downside to MGM is that they don't have really distinctive "lands", like MK or Epcot have.

Disney cuts corners with their parades all the time, and I'm afraid that's what I'm gonna have to do with mine. So the only costume set you'll see for MGM are Pixar Place and Animation Courtyard. The remaining two sets that would dance around the float would just be the Citizens of Hollywood pasted in there. Apologies to anybody who wanted to see what I could come up with for this park. But my creativity does have its limits...

With that said, here's the Pixar Place set!

While Pixar Place is mainly designed to shrink you down to toy-level, in promotion of the only attraction in the area, I didn't want to outright make these Toy Story-costumes. I used the bouncy ball from the Luxo, Jr. short as the main inspiration. Aside from Luxo, Jr., it's a well-known "logo" of Pixar. I did think of basing these costumes off Luxo, but they wouldn't be comfortable for the performers! There's a hint of Luxo on the guy's hat, tho.

Pixar films are known for being light-hearted (for the most part) so sticking with the primary color scheme that the bouncy ball has worked out!

So...yeah, that does it for MGM's costumes. Back to work on Animal Kingdom~!

 Costume Count :  22/ 30  28

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